The first spin-off company of University of Rome Tor Vergata

urbanfluxesGEO-K took part at the Rome 2015 Science Symposium on Climate poster session, on November 19-20, with a contribute to URBANFLUXES project.

The recently launched Horizon 2020 project URBANFLUXES investigates the potential of EO to retrieve urban energy budget components, focusing on the anthropogenic heat flux. The main challenge of this project is the innovative exploitation of the Copernicus Sentinels synergistic observations to estimate local scale spatiotemporal patterns of the anthropogenic heat emission in cities. These EO-based spatially disaggregated estimations contain valuable information for both the urban planning and the Earth System Science community.

rome sicence symposium on ccGEO-K, the industry partner in the consortium of URBANFLUXES project, participates with its experience in design and development of satellite data processing  for geo-information results.