The first spin-off company of University of Rome Tor Vergata

IMG_2468On March 10 and 11, a huge number of scholars (more than a hundred!), 11 to 13- aged, coming from the Roman Hills area schools had fun thanks to the GEO-K app Login Earth, at the ESA-ESRIN Open Days, organized by the Italian site (in Frascati, near Rome) of ESA, the European Space Agency, on 7-11 of March.

The game sessions took place in the morning and in the afternoon of the both two days and boys and girls were engaged to give the right answer to discover which part of the Earth had been shot by satellites: Login Earth is in fact an app for Android ambient to test the player’s ability to recognize cities, regions, rivers and deserts of our planet. Also in different wave lenght! The best guys may reach in fact the fifth level of the game and play with images taken by satellites’ radars.

IMG_2464_lowAnswering the questions made by Fabio Del Frate and Giuseppe Iannitto, members of GEO-K, students rapidly guessed moved by curiosity, cleverness and by small ‘space’ gadgets ESA provided. Fantastic the enlivenment given by ESA KIDS guys and by Serena Vaccaro from the ESA KIDS team.

Space 2.0, actually!