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GEO-K will participate in the celebration of the World Meteorological Day (GMM2017) to be held Thursday, March 23 at the Aula Magna del rettorato of the Sapienza University in Rome.

The event is organized by the Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology (AISAM, in collaboration with the Meteorological Service of the Italian Air Force, Sapienza University of Rome and the National Research Council.

Giornata Mondiale della Meteorologia 2017

Giornata Mondiale della Meteorologia 2017

The occasion will be useful to address and explore, together with industry experts and representatives of government and institutions, some of the main meteorological topics such as  the understanding of clouds.
The reports presented are aimed to broadly involve students and anyone with an interest on meteorological topics.
The Day also provides an opportunity to discuss the state of Meteorology in our country.
It is an important moment for Italian meteorology: the recent success in the assignment to Italy of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) provides tremendous opportunities for the revival of the entire sector in Italy.

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