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immagine stormtrack“The number of the extreme meteorological events has increased in the last few years and the trend should be the same for the next future”: Michele de Rosa, GEO-K engineer took his speach at 2015 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, hold in Toulouse, France, 21-25 September, presenting StormTrack, the innovative algorithm for the nowcasting of extreme meteo objects.

“These events generally develop very quickly and on a small scale, nevertheless they may provoke several damages and affect also the human’s safety. For these reasons it is very important to monitor and prevent these natural hazards by means of advanced techniques which must be able to:
● detect the event as soon as possible
● track the behaviour of the event
● predict the short term development of the eventmichele_EMSC2015

StormTrack is a novel multispectral algorithm for the detection, the tracking and the short term forecast of convective objects developed by GEO-K”.

“The model is already operational and some web services based on its output are already available. Our work is aimed to show the results of the validation activity developed in the last year. The StormTrack validation involves the comparison with benchmarks like the Rapid Development Thunderstorms, developed by Meteo France, and the lightning activity over Europe and South Africa”.

This is the link to the presentation.