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IMG_IL_13_06_06On 20 of May 2016, at the EUMETSAT Headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, GEO-K signed a new contract for a study about cloud detection over sea ice using the “Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer” (SLSTR) instrument aboard on Sentinel 3 satellite.

Sea ice is typically present on polar oceans of the planet and has a crucial role on climate. Therefore, monitoring its morphological structure, its changes and its temperature is important to have a clear picture of the actual and future climate state.
To do at best these kind of observations it is important that the satellite view is completely free of cloud, then it becomes necessary an algorithm that can distinguish a white brilliant cloud from an ice surface also white and shiny.

GEO-K, in collaboration with ISAC-CNR (Italian Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate) as subcontractor, will supply such an algorithm. The people involved in this project are: Massimiliano Sist (GEO-K), Lia Santoleri (ISAC-CNR) and Gianluigi Liberti (ISAC-CNR).

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