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esa eoscience login earthPresented at the ESA – European Space Agency event Earth Observation Open Science 2.0 the new GEO-K app Login Earth to play Geography from Space!

Using spectacular images of our planet taken from Space, Login Earth is aiming to offer a new approach to physical and political geography by way of a game.
The Earth archive is full of wonderful images. What we ask you to do in this game is to recognise them, also in complicate situations, starting from image acquisitions of European Space Agency and NASA.immagine app
You will need to practice hard though as some of our sensors don’t work properly and may be faulty. For example, some radar images aren’t recognisable straight away.
This is an educational game so as you play each exact answer given will provide you with some interesting facts about that particular geographical area.

So, have a good trip and, if you manage to get to the end, the Earth will have less secrets for you!

Look how it works!

The app is available for Android ambient. Download it at Google Play.
For all.
In English and Italian.