The first spin-off company of University of Rome Tor Vergata

The APOLLO (monitoring Atmospheric POLLution with earth Observation) project has been funded by ESA with the aim of developing an integrated system based on local ground measurements and EO data for tropospheric ozone concentration monitoring.

The service is capable to provide a national coverage and a full characterization of ozone at low altitudes in Italy, both in metropolitan and in rural/remote areas. The system is based on a new neural network technology for the processing of the data provided by instruments for atmospheric monitoring such as SCIAMACHY, boarded on ENVISAT, and OMI, an instrument of the ESA Third Party Mission NASA-AURA.

The technology has been developed by Tor Vergata University Earth Observation Laboratory during last years and, differently from more traditional techniques, allows the retrieval of information on ozone concentration specifically at lower atmospheric levels and in real time. These latter properties can be recognized as important innovations in the field of services addressing atmosphere monitoring.